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according to Michio Kaku, a physicist and highly appreciated author, there is a 95% chance that there is no such thing as UFO's, because there is no reliable evidence. Most of the sightings have either been finalized to be weather balloons, a star, and whatever else, but it just wasn't a UFO. However, there lies an extra 5% which is a sufficient amount to believe there are UFO's, and more than that, extra-terrestrials. "Only a man with all his arrogance would believe our planet is the only one that sustains life." Very true, and very well said. Why just us? What makes us so special? What makes us so 'intelligent.' We are intelligent, yes, but there's superior intelligence out there.

UFO sightings are very popular in Iran, and Nevada which also happens to be the homebase to the secret Area 51, a place which does 'not exist'. Well is exists now, ever since it was publicized in 1993. Whoops! And why would accountable witnesses lie? We all have better things to do than lie about something so serious, thankyou very much. With the price of gas, and food, and the amount of time people spend away from their family to go to work to make money.... I just don't see the time to lie. And who are they lying to? To the government? The government, a trppy, secretive, bunch of back stabbers who will go out of there way to make sure the truth doesn't spill. I'm sorry, but them common people aren't the liars! Thanks to Jessie Vantura, he showed us close up footage of what the borders of Area 5 looks like. And I must say, it looks like a whole other planet to me. There are signs warning people to not step over the line, and if they do, action may be taken. YES, they will actually shoot you. They will kill you if you step over the hard to see random line. Why? Well, you don't have to be the smartest person around to know that they are hiding something. They are hiding something so big. Many authors believe there are extra-terrestrials there. Possibly extra-terrestrials who have landed and are stuck. Or maybe a UFO crashed, and the bodies or whatever they are, are dead so the gov't is hiding them, runnign some tests, and trying to seek out their technology. Who knows? We don't have to know for sure, but when something smells, oh it smells.

Now lets talk about the time when Neil Armstrong went to the moon. Well on the way there, they ran out of fuel. When they 'landed', it was reported they only had 60 more seconds of fuel. How lucky, how fortunate. However, when they returned to Earth, they were told to not reveal anything they saw, or encoutered, and they definately encountered something. Some believe that the moon is a space station for the extra-terrestrail spaceships. Well, that definately remains unexplained with the use of good evidence, but it's an idea. The photos Neil Armstrong and his team provided us with, were pictures of the American flag on the moon. Now, the flag is waving around, like wind in your hair. But is there wind on the moon? Is there? The photo may just have been a fake, a phony, A PHOTOSHOPED photo.... we all know what those look like.

So maybe there hasnt been a real UFO sighting, but we are not alone. Oh no, we are not. I know, it's a lot to take in, but it onlymakes sense. The Earth can't be THE ONLY ONE. noooooo way. The Earth has brothers and sisters, just like us. We are just the children. Or maybe less than that.

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