my theory goes a little something like this, and in advance I will say it is based off of two years of thorough studying. I will briefly put it though.

The mayans were a great civilization with very unique architecture, art. They had impressive mathematical and astronomical systems. Finally, they had created a calendar based on their belief of cyclical nature of time. They measured time with a high level of accuracy, more accurate than the calendar of the Europeans (the one we use today). The calendar ends on the 21st, of december in the year of 2012. Now my theory is that extra-terrestrials are comming back on this day, or after this day. Why do i think so? ... Well the mayans had amazing architecture. Very precise carvings. To this day, our greatest mathematicians or architects are unable to build a pyramid like the mayans. So did the mayans have superior technology to ours? Not to mention in 2000 BC. If so, then that's scary, but this theory is very unlikely. I theorize that the ancient mayan pyramids were left behind in the care of the mayans, of a superior beings. Where did they go? They left planet Earth. However, they are to return. The Mayans had a priest who was also a great psychic named Kukulkan. He would look into the future and make prophecies. Also, they would make human sacrifices to their God which they believed was in the sky. However, they had many gods, spirits, and creatures, but different clans believed in a certain thing.
OKAY, so my theory is that the Mayans are taking care of the land and culture of which the extra-terrestrials have left behind for them (mayans are their slaves), however will soon return. Possibly, with their return they will kill us all because well you know, life is disgusting now and may not meet their standards.

well so much for "briefly" putting it.
leave your comments, theories, or ideas below!!

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