december 21st 2012, the infamous dooms day, also known as the end of the world. However, the way things look around here, it just doesn't seem to be time. There are no cracks in the ground, no birds falling dead from the sky, no more UFO sightings, no signs of any kind that should have us thinking "OMG THIS IS IT!". what's going on? Have we possibly misinterpreted the Mayans? apparently, their calandar ends on Dec.21.2012. People say it's because they got tired, but mayans never get tired. Did they get tired of making head sacrifices to their god up in the sky? nope. They were very hard at work people, and very religous. I believe they predicted dooms day correctly, however a friend of mine brought up a great point, more so a question. Is it possible that we may have incorrectly timed time? What he meant was that is it possible if we are years behind Dec.21.2012, but we just don't know it because of our honest miscalculations. VERY POSSIBLE. in fact, it makes beautiful sense. It's almost like music to the years of us dooms day believers. Dooms day believers out there, it may or may not happen during our time, but it will happen one day. WHO KNOWS, maybe it will happen this december, just like how it all went down in the '2012' movie. yeah yeah yeah it was just a movie, but ever since I was a kid I was told that all movies come from somewhere right? so there must be some realism in the 2012 movie. we'll see, about two more weeks left in the countdown.

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Posted on 04:45AM on Dec 14th, 2012
thats insane....if u ere muslim u shud not belive in wat mayans..(or watever ,,who were dey anyway....)had to say...
Posted on 10:24AM on Dec 14th, 2012
the mayans are an ancient civilization. They built the mayan pyramids, ones that today we dont have the technology to build, so some believe they had contact with the outer world. It has nothing to do with my religion, I just support their proficy, especially now since the world is fu*cked up!
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