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Money can't buy you happiness

What makes you happy? Really think hard about it. There are just so many things out there, available to us, but out of all those things, what narrows down to be the things that truly makes you  happy. Is it material wealth like clothes? Or is it something more along the lines of family or relationships? Yes, it does sometimes take money to have the happiness you desire. For example, you need money to buy the camera needed to capture the moments. Or, you need money to buy the clothes you like to mix and match to create one perfect, fashionable ensemble. But when someone comes along and says "Money can buy you happiness," do you agree? I agree to disagree. Money can't buy you happiness, and here's why. 

Money money money. It's everywhere, and it's image is captivated with almost everything. It's value can increase, or decrease. It's impacts can create happiness, but temporarily. Note, I said create, not buy it. Money is becoming the main  thought on everyone's mind today, that people are forgetting the roots of real happiness. Happiness are the cherished moments, the moments that you can't have back but wish you could relive. Happiness is fresh, it's an emotion, an emotion you feel, not buy.

"Hi, I'd like a bag of happiness please." What's a bag of happiness, and at what cost?
See how stupid that sounds, a bag of happiness. If you can't ask for a quantity of it, or a bag or box of it, it can't be bought. Convinced? No?... Keep reading.

Think of your family. How do they make you feel? Happy? Mine sure makes me happy, not just my immediate family, but my friends too. Some people take family and freinds for granted, but with deep thought, having them, one must know how lucky they truly are. These are true things that can't be bought. 

If money can't buy happiness, then what does? There's no one root to happiness. Success, personality, goals, family, friends, these things are causations towards happiness. If you want to be happy, set goals so you know where you want to go. Goals set people on the right track, and the track that is self-chosen. Your personality highly determines whether or not you are a happy person. For example, if you are a negative person, you will witness negative outcomes. However, a positive perosnality and outlook in life will bring about postivity in one's life. Goals and personality are key ingredients to a life of success which ultimately is the result of happiness. Success is something everybody wants, but not neccessarliy seeks. People are raised in a time of high media influence, and have a deep impression that we all will become successful or possibly famous. However, this mind set is false without seeking. Success is obatined with continous passionate seeking. 


​A Journalist in the Making

A Journalist in the Making
As a child, the reporters on television holding the microphones always fascinated me. Their voices were so professional, and their appearance seemed flawless. I would watch my parents watch them on television, so tuned in to what they have to say. The reporters were making a difference in the world by bringing knowledge and truth into the world. I have always loved nothing but the truth. I despise lies and fakery. I wanted to be just like a reporter; smart, loud, fearless, and helpful to the people I share this planet with.
            December of 2007, I read about the murder of Aqsa Parvez by the hands of her father. Aqsa did not exactly see eye to eye with her father. She had difficulty managing a Canadian-style life at school, then transforming back into her Muslim-styled life. I had a very hard time understanding why this had happened. After 6 years, I still to this day read about her story, and still wonder, what could have been that bad, that her father felt the need to kill her? What was going through his mind? My passion then to become a reporter grew into something far more than just looking fancy with a microphone in my hand. I wanted to bring awareness to the people, the answers, and the truth.
            I am now one step closer than I have ever been to reach my dreams of becoming the absolute root of information the people need. I am now studying Journalism, not to mention at Ryerson University in Toronto. From here, it’s hard work, and dedication. I am determined to do anything it takes to give people the truth. I am determined to make murdered victims like Aqsa Parvez, not go forgotten in vain. 

Give me your idea

I want you to give me your ideas in the comment section below about a topic/issue you would like me to address.

Christianity vs. Islam (continued)

It came to my attention a while ago the differences not yet mentioned on my blog between the two; Christianity and Islam.

It's  plain and simple, Islam is a religion, Christianity is faith. 
Must I explain further? If so, comment below. I could go on about this forever. 

If you believe that faith without works just doesn't work, please provide evidence, not just a passage or premises.  Now, to support my view on Christianity is faith without works posed on religions like Islam I want to look into foundations. People don't need, rather people should want to live their lives based on foundations. For example, your foundation may be to live off making lots of money, or possibly having good relationships. Now the positive implications of a Christianity foundation is that it multiplies into different leads of life. Now putting more focus on the idea of faith, faith in this case is neccessary only to keep the meaning of purpose in one's life. "Purpose" is key. If you think not, than answer me this without the natural instinct to answer in laziness. But really think about it. What's the point of something without a purpose? And by implyingn "something" rather than "life", I mean what's the point of anything at all without there being an underlying meaning?

Workers that work at subway stations need to make friendliness mandatory.

Have you ever had a really bad day? Possibly a bad day at work, school, or wherever else? Well I sure have, and I have a story where my bad day led me to know the importance of having nice workers at subway stations.

When you want to ride on the subway, you are to pay your fare at a window where a person stands behind the window, and watches you pay your fare.

Now, one day I had a pretty bad day. I was stressed out from homework, recieved a low mark on a writing assignment, and I just couldn't wait to make it home. Especially since my commute home is at least one hour long.

That day, my very bad day, I was trying to pay my subway fare, and the man behind hte window was RUDE AS SHIT. He was yelling at me, bossing me around, and just being very inhumane about a simple situation that he could of handled in a polite manner like normal people. He made my day much worse to say the least, and once again, I WAS AT A SUBWAY STATION.

The subway station is a pretty popular spot to commit suicide. So having a worker yell at you on a bad day, it can cause some suicidal thoughts in one, not in me, but it had me thinking about others that may not be mentally as strong as me.

Workers need to be nice to passengers, because they don't know the emotional state of their passengers, and it is not our duty to update them on our emotional state. It's funny, when on the way to the subway, there are advertisements stating "if you are considering suicide, call so-and-so..." SUBWAY STATIONS ARE HYPOCRITICAL. This needs to be changed to help save lives.

Why are girls so mean?

I watched the movie "Mean girls" out of randomness after 4 years, and the movie has reminded me of something I haven't managed to answer; why are girls so mean?

Girls judge one another on appearance like stlye, hair, makeup, etc. When you don't try, they're mean to you and call you ugly, but w hen you try hard and look really good, they envy you and talk behind your back. ... why are girls so mean?

Girls are your friends one second, but the next second she's your complete enemy. 

"oh she's so fat", "oh she's anorexic, ew too skinny."... SO WHAT? who are you to judge? that's right, noboby. Even judgementel girls know they have no right to juge others, but they do so anyway because they're miserable lives are too boring to handle, so they go after someone else's. 

I don't want to get into slut shaming... 

why are girls so mean to one another?...I will never know. And when you think you know the answer,  let me know. 

Climate Change; it's a reality so stop dreaming

Our climate is always changing, hence the phrase climate change. Our climate has dramatically changed over the past years due to man-made reasons, and we the people will face dramatic differences in our climate. The Climate Change Twitter account has tweeted that we will face warmer weather than ever due to man-made climate change. The weather will be so warm, that not only will illnesses be a side-effect, however death will be a consequence as well. Climate change is so severe, and so rapid, that to reverse the change will take years of dedication and preperation, only that will be based on chances. Contribute from now on to your beloved planet that without it, your existence would merely be a fairy-tale, and recylcle, throw away trash in trash bins, and find alternative ways to do things that require the use of electric energy. Your planet Earth begs you.

Graeme Smith’s Survival 101

Former foreign correspondent for, The Globe and Mail, says there’s much more to a journalist than a pen, paper, and a fancy camera. “There were so many kids in their early twenties running around with 10,000 dollars’ worth of gear their parents bought for them,” Graeme said when speaking at Ryerson University; but this just doesn’t cut it anymore. In a country where “a man was killed by an electric drill being drilled in to his skull,” Graeme Smith specifies, a journalist must have combat first aid training, and a strong mind set to survive.

Graeme Smith, member of the International Crisis Group since December 2012, lives in Kabul, Afghanistan. His job is to make as public as possible the accounts he had in the conflict zones of Afghanistan. In order to bring awareness to the people which Graeme said is “important,” Graeme’s main objective is to stay safe, and ultimately alive. “I went down there wearing an ordinary shirt taking snap shots with my camera looking like an ordinary westerner. The advice I got from my security guard was, ‘Mr. Graeme, please do not walk the streets at night.’” It’s advice like this that had Graeme Smith taking more precautions. “The next day, I went in a full disguise with a beard, wearing their clothing that looks like pajamas,” Graeme said. He adds, “We were worried the people would recognize me and call ahead to alert the Taliban.”

The Taliban is an Islamic fundamentalist movement. The Taliban allegedly uses terrorism to achieve their political goals. Graeme Smith said “I am currently working on what the impact is of raising local police groups in Afghanistan.” NATO sent in a number of troops to Afghanistan while Graeme Smith and his team were working on their mission to bring “peace and stability,” Graeme specified. “Ever since that day, the number of rocket attacks, car bombs, and assassinations went up,” said Graeme Smith. In a “messy situation” like this, Graeme Smith said that, “I can’t stress this enough, you should have some combat first aid before going anywhere near a war zone.” RISC is an organization that trains and equips journalists to deal with injuries that are life-threatening. RISC is obligated to making first aid come naturally to the media-workers at a time of war. Graeme said that this training is “incredibly fucking serious.”

Trauma is largely associated with the effects of war on man-kind. When Graeme was asked how he deals with the mental aspect of this, he replied, “The brain heals itself. I went to a psychologist because I used to have nightmares, I used to overly analyze properties of a room, but it gets better.”

Graeme Smith went over a car chase he was in during his time in Afghanistan. “We met up with some Taliban’s in 2006, and we made the mistake of establishing a pattern of meeting in the same place. A white corolla followed us out of the meeting and when we booted it, the car chased us,” Graeme Smith recollected. Fortunately, Graeme had a friend who owned a hotel in Kandahar. “We called him and he opened the doors. Then we went in there and he closed the doors.” It is accounts like these that show the real dangers of being a journalist in a red zone. “Yeah, I was running for my life all the time,” Graeme said.

Even with all the dangers in the way to stop one from pursuing a career as a freelance journalist, Graeme Smith finds it vital to “not let these men dice the fates of the world,” because it’s “important for journalists to bring awareness.”

Tracy Moore and her Zero- Tolerance for Discrimination

Tracy Moore, host of Canada’s Cityline lifestyle show, has more to her than meets the eye. Over Tracy’s energetic, confident, and humorous personality, it’s Tracy’s wisdom that’s served the public education system.

The Zero-Tolerance policy was put in effect in Canadian and American schools to allow for punishments towards students with unacceptable behavior. Tracy Moore found something else to be unacceptable. “Particular rules were being misused by schools,” says Tracy Moore. “I heard many stories of kids that were black being kicked out of schools because of the zero-tolerance policy put in effect. White kids would do the same thing and would not be given the same punishments out of discrimination,” Tracy adds.

The Ontario school board denied any inequality in the distribution of student punishments. “I knew it would be difficult trying to nail the school board,” says Tracy, “Especially when the director of the school board kept talking in circles.” Tracy however stayed motivated when Cathleen Wynne spoke to her and said,” Absolutely, this is happening.” Tracy just so happens to be a big believer in Cathleen Wynne.

To Tracy’s advantage, she already knew some of the parents in the community. Some parents spoke to her about the discrimination they knew their children were facing at school. “I had to be committed to the community,” Tracy says. “If you just walk into a community, they won’t trust you. That’s why I try to create relationships outside of my work hours,” Tracy adds.

Tracy Moore’s action upon the misuse of the zero-tolerance policy has “brought significant attention to the administration. They’ve worked [the zero-tolerance policy] since,” says Tracy. “I would not say I ended it, but I brought attention on this issue,” finalizes Tracy.


What people of Toronto have to say about the use of lap-tops in class

Students today are packing much heavier bags to school thanks to their laptops. It’s become a very popular piece of technology used in classrooms for the purpose of note-taking; however is that all that’s really going on? Faria Sana, a student attending McMaster University conducted an experiment involving volunteer first year students in the setting of a lecture. The conclusion of her study was that those who multitasked with the use of a laptop distracted both themselves, as well as other students around them in the class. The basic results of the study were taken to the people on the streets of Toronto by first year Ryerson University Journalism students. “Really, is it really all that distracting?” says Kosta Dirbish, a 22 year old student attending Ryerson. “If you’re getting distracted, and your focus goes off for more than one minute, then there’s something wrong with you. That’s not their problem,” adds Kosta. Conner Crawford, another Ryerson student says that students should simply “suck it up,” and to have “self-discipline.” Conner also adds that “it’s a choice whether or not to be distracted.” Wai, a financer for Desjardins says “I can understand where laptops are needed, but there’s a difference between note-taking and updating Facebook.” Wayne also advises students to “don’t worry about the idiots and just pay attention. You’re paying ten to twelve thousand a year if not more, so pay attention.” Also Wayne states that “Laptops make noise in class, but that’s just the environment.” Some students like Kosta and Connor can handle all the distractions someone else’s laptop has to throw, but others can’t catch too well. “The study is correct. For me, I sit at the front row so there are not too many distractions. Yet my friend will be at the back and after class she tells me how she’s always distracted because the person in front of her is watching videos on YouTube on her laptop,” says Ola, a Ryerson volunteer. When Wayne Wai was asked whether or not he gets distracted, he says “hell yeah, all the time, even in meetings. In the meetings I see the ones on their phones or laptops not paying attention, and after the discussion is over they’ll ask ‘what happened,’ and I just say well too bad, pay attention next time instead of updating your Facebook.” If there were more students like Ryerson student Leura Mazurek, laptops may not have been an issue. “I only use my laptop in class if I only need it,” Leura says. “I take my class notes on pencil and paper, it’s easier to take notes by hand,” she adds on. Although Leura prefers taking notes by hand, that’s not the case for every single student. However, how can students be more considerate towards other students? Wayne Wai says that it should be the responsibly of the class professor to “lay ground rules on note-taking.”

Islam vs. Christianity briefly

This post is slightly a response to one of the ep members who wrote in the defense of Islamic religion. She made it clear that Islam does not 'degrade' women at all, in any form. Now that may be true or not true, but I didn't see any valuable evidence in her argument pointing towards: Islam does not degrade women. 

Now, I am looking more on the focus of religion, and between Islam and Christianity, Islam is a religion, not Christianity. 

Islam says to do this, and do that, and pray for me at this time, and wear this, and say exactly this that many on and so forth. Oh and don't forget the DO NOT DO this and that... and if you're going to say no that;s not true, okay that's fine because of the whole cliche "your opinion is yours" but I'm just putting forward that you're probably like the 'white-wash' version...or the non-serious one (secret sinner). 

Christianity is just a foundation on which one can build their life on, not a religion. You just have to accept the lord Jesus Christ as your saviour, and remember that your prayers will be answered by the God who never sleeps. There are no demands, no commands, other to accept him, love him, and praise him, which is obvious.

The Depression Disguise

It's a tough world, really is. Depressive people are common to come across, but how many of them are truly depressed? According to the Depression via Rank theory by Pearce, some people use depression as a tactic to 'lay low'. Some people want to lay low so they don't pose a threat of any kind, and in present society where there's plenty of competition, this might not be a bad idea...

The Depression via Rank theory basically states that some use depression as a disguise, however they attack when the time is right out of the blue. It's kind of like my cat. He looks cute, acts cute, but if you annoy him he will show you the side of him that you'll probably walk away from with a few scratches. 

Freakishly enough, yet not surprising, scientists are working on the creation of a dose for people with dysthymia(depressed) to take so they can become hypothermic(very happy).

Makes you wonder...who's really happy, and who's not? Are those that claim to be depressed really depressed? Are those who are excessively happy suffering from a disorder? Think about it, and use your wisdom to be a successful skeptic.  

Synchronism- you may have experienced this

you know when you point at a telephone and it just so happens to ring right then and there? That's synchronism. Or maybe you've said, "hey mom, I want to buy organic guacamole!," and it's being sampled to the right of you. This is also an example of synchronism, and it just so happens that the guacamole incident was one of my synchronism experiences. 

Synchronism is the achievement of coincident at the right point in time. In other words, coincidences are not just accidents; they are hardwired into your destiny and are in fact meant to have happened. 

If you have ever experienced a synchronicity, please leave your experience in the comment section below! Thanks!:)

Religion vs. Science

We come from a great time. In this time we have access to all these fancy equipment which aids our scientists/researchers in their researches. These technologies continuously moves humanity one step closer to finding the truths plus functions behind 'every' living organism on this planet we call planet Earth. This subject field which creates upon the countless number of testable explanations about the universe is called SCIENCE. In my mind which is a very skeptical one indeed, I like to paraphrase the meaning of science as our escape to an otherwise clueless life. Could us humans live a life without knowing the cycle of human birth? Could we even survive without the urge to know why the grass really dies without water, and why sea organisms and other animals are existent amongst us? We obviously cannot, since us human beings have the natural tendency to be curious, observant, and pursue a gain in self-actualization. So we found science, and could confidently pursue science during the 17th century, and continue to do so ever so successfully today. Now the mainstream is to believe in science. I too do look towards science to give me answers about certain things I wonder about, however I know my limits. This is the problem we have today; not everyone knows the limitations of science, and exactly how much of it we can exactly call 'explanations'. Here's how I look at it as a religious person. I believe in God, and that everything created on this planet was created by a Greater God. I'm not sure how God did it, and I'm sure science does not know either. It's as simple as that. God created life, and if the children of God are claiming to have scoped the inner layers of life, then we are playing the role of God, and there is only one God. We have the brains of human beings, not God. We can not think like him. But we can do something, which is give into to our weakness in not wanting to believe that there is something much greater out there than us on a scale of mentality. It's best to accept it; science brings peace, but it does not give us Gods blueprints. 

Beauty Tips For Hard Working Women. This is For You <3

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The Vatican knows more than we think *extra- terrestrials do exist*

In Rome, Italy during the renaissance, scientists found their right to believe what they wanted, but at what cost? Bruno, a famous scientist of this time believed in other life. Now he believed this during a time where the Vatican Church was in search of souls. Bruno was believed to be recieving messages from the extra-terrestrials. The Vatica felt threatened by Bruno's teachings and theories, so he was arrested for heresy. Then later after 8 yearsof being held in a dungeon, he was burned at the state. The Vatican was trying to hid something, and disposing of this high extra-terrestrial believer showed it. "The Vatican knows more than they acknowledge."

Pope Paul ordered for many documents and books to be moved to a hidden place... the Vatican library. The vatican library secret archives may contain information and proof that extra-terrestrials do exist. It contains secret information answers behind the Holy Fatima. Fatima once gave three messages to a few children. The first message was that we are not alone, the second was that we are being observed. Now he third was hidden, but the third message was about extra-terrestrials. 

        The Vatican stated that extra-terrestrials do not have anything to do with the Church. Now why would thy say that? Why would they say that out
 of thin air...OH NO BIG DEAL! they know something...                                                                                          

The Unknown on Earth

In the past year (2012), scientists discovered about 160 new species. 160 species we did not even know we lived amongst on this planet were discovered in only one year... just makes you wonder what else is out there? If the intelligent human race doesn't yet know all of the living species we live with on earth, than the human race should not skip ahead and assume we are alone in the universe. I smell ignorance.

You Better Believe UFO's Are Real

according to Michio Kaku, a physicist and highly appreciated author, there is a 95% chance that there is no such thing as UFO's, because there is no reliable evidence. Most of the sightings have either been finalized to be weather balloons, a star, and whatever else, but it just wasn't a UFO. However, there lies an extra 5% which is a sufficient amount to believe there are UFO's, and more than that, extra-terrestrials. "Only a man with all his arrogance would believe our planet is the only one that sustains life." Very true, and very well said. Why just us? What makes us so special? What makes us so 'intelligent.' We are intelligent, yes, but there's superior intelligence out there.

UFO sightings are very popular in Iran, and Nevada which also happens to be the homebase to the secret Area 51, a place which does 'not exist'. Well is exists now, ever since it was publicized in 1993. Whoops! And why would accountable witnesses lie? We all have better things to do than lie about something so serious, thankyou very much. With the price of gas, and food, and the amount of time people spend away from their family to go to work to make money.... I just don't see the time to lie. And who are they lying to? To the government? The government, a trppy, secretive, bunch of back stabbers who will go out of there way to make sure the truth doesn't spill. I'm sorry, but them common people aren't the liars! Thanks to Jessie Vantura, he showed us close up footage of what the borders of Area 5 looks like. And I must say, it looks like a whole other planet to me. There are signs warning people to not step over the line, and if they do, action may be taken. YES, they will actually shoot you. They will kill you if you step over the hard to see random line. Why? Well, you don't have to be the smartest person around to know that they are hiding something. They are hiding something so big. Many authors believe there are extra-terrestrials there. Possibly extra-terrestrials who have landed and are stuck. Or maybe a UFO crashed, and the bodies or whatever they are, are dead so the gov't is hiding them, runnign some tests, and trying to seek out their technology. Who knows? We don't have to know for sure, but when something smells, oh it smells.

Now lets talk about the time when Neil Armstrong went to the moon. Well on the way there, they ran out of fuel. When they 'landed', it was reported they only had 60 more seconds of fuel. How lucky, how fortunate. However, when they returned to Earth, they were told to not reveal anything they saw, or encoutered, and they definately encountered something. Some believe that the moon is a space station for the extra-terrestrail spaceships. Well, that definately remains unexplained with the use of good evidence, but it's an idea. The photos Neil Armstrong and his team provided us with, were pictures of the American flag on the moon. Now, the flag is waving around, like wind in your hair. But is there wind on the moon? Is there? The photo may just have been a fake, a phony, A PHOTOSHOPED photo.... we all know what those look like.

So maybe there hasnt been a real UFO sighting, but we are not alone. Oh no, we are not. I know, it's a lot to take in, but it onlymakes sense. The Earth can't be THE ONLY ONE. noooooo way. The Earth has brothers and sisters, just like us. We are just the children. Or maybe less than that.


The mayans have exquisite architecture, more so the ancient mayans. So do the ancient egyptians. The mayan pyramids, and the egyptian pyramids, all being impossible to construct today. I believe that back then (wayyy wayyy  back then), these two groups had competition with extra-terrestrail aid. Who knows, maybe the egyptians and mayans were slaves to these superior beings. So yeah.


my theory goes a little something like this, and in advance I will say it is based off of two years of thorough studying. I will briefly put it though.

The mayans were a great civilization with very unique architecture, art. They had impressive mathematical and astronomical systems. Finally, they had created a calendar based on their belief of cyclical nature of time. They measured time with a high level of accuracy, more accurate than the calendar of the Europeans (the one we use today). The calendar ends on the 21st, of december in the year of 2012. Now my theory is that extra-terrestrials are comming back on this day, or after this day. Why do i think so? ... Well the mayans had amazing architecture. Very precise carvings. To this day, our greatest mathematicians or architects are unable to build a pyramid like the mayans. So did the mayans have superior technology to ours? Not to mention in 2000 BC. If so, then that's scary, but this theory is very unlikely. I theorize that the ancient mayan pyramids were left behind in the care of the mayans, of a superior beings. Where did they go? They left planet Earth. However, they are to return. The Mayans had a priest who was also a great psychic named Kukulkan. He would look into the future and make prophecies. Also, they would make human sacrifices to their God which they believed was in the sky. However, they had many gods, spirits, and creatures, but different clans believed in a certain thing.
OKAY, so my theory is that the Mayans are taking care of the land and culture of which the extra-terrestrials have left behind for them (mayans are their slaves), however will soon return. Possibly, with their return they will kill us all because well you know, life is disgusting now and may not meet their standards.

well so much for "briefly" putting it.
leave your comments, theories, or ideas below!!

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